Preserve Your Existing Customer Relationships

Exclusive Access to Funding Sources

Cyeron works with bankers, lenders and other traditional financing institutions to help them maintain a hold of their existing relationships⁠—particularly when they have nowhere else to turn for financing existing customers.

Cyeron helps you gain access to:

  • Expand your business
  • Purchase Commercial Real Estate (investment and owner-occupied)
  • Purchase land and develop it
  • Purchase or lease equipment
  • Consolidate debt
  • Meet payroll taxes
  • Remodel your facilities
  • Market and advertise your business

Working with Cyeron Corporation, you can gain access to funding options that traditional banking avenues cannot fulfill. Through our relationships with a variety of sources, Cyeron offers a wide variety of financial programs to help you achieve your goals.

Our company has established itself as a reliable leader in funding for a variety of industries. In addition, we offer unparalleled support and customer service, regardless of the funding amount or type of program.

Providing Alternative Funding Options

to Help You Fulfill Your Business Goals

Cyeron Corporation is a nationwide loan placement firm helping individuals, companies, banking and lending institutions fulfill the needs of their clients, outside of their traditional lending footprint. We also partner with bankers and lenders to help maintain relationships and trust.

Our Reputation Precedes Us Thanks To Our

Customer Testimonials

“Cyeron made a huge difference for our company. After attempting to secure financing for an extremely viable commercial real estate project (which got denied by our own bank), Tony began his research and found a few options that welcomed the opportunity to work with us. This made ALL the difference and our project was able to move forward.”

Richard D.Chief Financial Officer
(Company Name Withheld)

“All we can say is that the opportunity to work with Cyeron Corporation gave us a fighting chance when no one else would get behind what became our company’s most important project. Thank you for all the legwork and brainstorming. In the end it paid off to be open minded to the alternatives to traditional commercial banking.”

Jeanlee S.Founder and Principal
Commercial Real Estate Company

“Tony’s alternatives allowed our bank to serve a very important client who had multiple accounts with our bank. We feared we would lose this group when we had to deny their loan application, but Cyeron saved the day by working as an extended resource. We saved the account, made the client happy and now our deposits have increased with the revenue from this new project.”

Rob Y.Bank Officer
(Bank Name Withheld)